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by Young Blood

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Album art and artwork on page by Craig Royer.


released January 1, 2011



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Track Name: Swim, Float, Swim.
The 40's left us in a mess, the 50's made us even less sure what we should do with the 60's.
The 60's swept in like a storm, filling streets and changing norms, all while watching our boys die.
The 70's brought rock'n'roll, Reds to fear and kids control, while they're getting stone-free.
The 80's saw a wall fall, Chinese students standing tall, and my mom finished college.
The 90's brought us into a war, my mom was feeling pretty sore from just delivering my brother.
And then I became, then I became, then I became.
And I've never been the same.

Since I got here 'been wandering 'round.
Kicking up dirt and making sound. Trying to make it, fake it, say something.
Nothing's new under the sun, it's all been shallowed by the surf: It's gonna take me, break me.
Take me, break me. Take me, break me.
Take me, break me. It's gonna take me just like it took them too.
Am I wasting my time, wasting my time swimming when I could be sinking.
I'm wasting my time, wasting my time, swimming when I could be sinking.
Tried to put you in my head, tried to swim to the other side, tried to shallow the sea.
I'm done, I'm done, I'm done, I'm done
I'm done, I'm done, I'm done, I'm sinking.
Your Glory left me in a mess, Your mercy made me to confess: "I'm far from perfect."
Your love swept in like a storm, filling hearts and changing norms--thank God I'm sinking (it's about time.)
Track Name: Solutions.
Ice on the run, seas on the rise.
Liberal lies, there is no big thaw.
I have a list of authors I refuse to read, afraid one might plant a seed in the perfect garden of what I believe
Now I agree to a certain degree that every Arab starts a fight.
And America's initial inhabitants were, of course, white.
But the Cherokee you see are happier now, because after that long haul at least we gave them alcohol.
I'm not trying to say we should believe all these things. I'm just trying to say we can hear better with our hands off our ears.
I learned from my chef of the damage that we left in our heroic carpet bombs. Lost his brother and mom. Now he works in the land that brought that death-that's a loving Viet chef. Lost his baby brother and his mom to an American bomb.
I refuse to believe in collateral damage.
I refuse to scare tactics.
No us, no them, just we, who are free.
You can't detain. Entertain, entertainment is the problem in America.
No bombs, just sex, pride, drugs and thugs.
Sex is only a text away for most attractive women.
And it's hard to say how it got this way, so far from the beginning.
And it's not that parents don't care, it's just us kids have keep such hush they're unaware. And (believe me) they don't wanna be aware.
Yeah, my friend got knocked up, no big deal.
We've bought into this mass sex appeal.
I'ma be, I'ma be--keep my hands off.
You can keep your pretty-boy swag.
(I don't wanna gag.)
Gucci's turnin' everybody into hoochies.
This place seems so messed up.
Do I really have to drink this cup?
There's no epiphany. No nation to set us free.
Just follow the teachings of a Man from Galilee.
"Love thy neighbor as thyself".
Track Name: A Ballad for TBN
they're turning Jesus Christ into an evangelical heist, after your money and your honey, and your Sunday morning breakfasts in bed.
Preaching about the sermon on the mount with designer shades on the snout.
Lexus in the garage--love offering barrage.
Christ with no place to lay His head.
Would he be happy with the things we've said?
Track Name: Rebuttal
I remember when I saw crying in front of the whole school underneath that telephone pole. And I was like: "God why can't I hear you answer back?"
Yeah, starring at the grass, why can't I hear you answer back...
My friends are like: "God told me this..." and I'm like: "I there something that I've missed, because I haven't heard a thing in a while."
Maybe I should raise my hands, or talk louder.
Don't get me wrong, this doesn't change my devotion.
I would just like some motion in response to my commotion.
Everyday I'm on my knees wondering if my pleas make it past the ceiling.
I found out I'm looking for a feeling, not a revealing of the spirit. I'm not even sure I know when I hear it.
Then they look at me concerned because I'm spouting doubt when they tell me what it's supposed to be all about.
Don't get me wrong, I'm honored that your mom is concerned about my walk, but I mean no offense, she doesn't even know me. I'm just glad she's not my judge.
I feel like every time I take a stand theres someone telling me I don't understand. I don't even feel like trying to begin to defend my views.
Oh views.
Theres so many conflicting opinions. I'm relatively confused on relative truth.
I have no proof, but that doesn't change what I believe. I can't leave the precepts and teachings of Christ where they are. They have to change everything about me.
I have no doubt.
No doubt how I want to live.
It will color, it will change me from now on.
I don't need an altar call.
I don't need to sing Hillsong.
And I don't need to feel to know.
Track Name: Not a Care In the World
Jumping in dumpsters with my brothers.
It's hard to worry when we're with each other.
American dream, American scheme.
Set me free, I want to see.
I want to see the countryside, driving in your Chevy Tahoe, side by side.
We reach the border of Michigan somewhere south of where I'll begin the second part of my life.
I don't want to be far from you.
Driving in the car with mouths full of laughter.
Nothing in this world us brothers are after.
We're singing a song, and it goes something like this:
"I don't mind, no I don't mind, they're will be time, they're will be time enough. I don't mind, no I don't mind. The things not mine are out of mind."
If I was alone I'd say:
"Brother, oh so far away, it seems just like yesterday since I saw you."
Come home soon.